Unique Luxury



Prestigious & Exclusive Tailor-made high-end watch, a Desire.

Wish, for a Unique Luxurious and Precious piece that is timeless by its rarity and its uniqueness, the social and intellectual Reflection of its owner. And also sustains this individualism that appeared in the Renaissance


We work with jewelers located at Place Vendome in Paris and Monaco to design a prestigious jewel, to bring to you the immensity of time, for a unique and exclusive design.


 A tailor-made watch is a unique piece, realized on your request, according to your tastes and your desires, they are the fruit of your wishes.

A source of excellence, precious metals, stainless steel, ceramics, gold, precious stones ... because the choice of materials is an essential step in the manufacturing process of an exceptional product.


A Prestigious watch will always remain a jewel of incarnate seduction

A source of  GOLDEN brilliance


DLC exclusively uses 18 ct gold, a prestigious alloy composed of 750 ‰ (per thousand) of pure gold.

The Gemstones

Thanks to their unique brilliance and extreme care, the high-quality precious stones selected by DLC give an unmatched prestige to the watches set.

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